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Submit payment using the paypal button: PayPal Donate Button

Please note: paypal will send you an automated receipt, and we’ll mail you one for your tax records as well.
OR  send a check to:  “Friends of the Chester Creek Branch” to PO Box 2313, Aston, PA 19014.”
Then,  please fill out the online form, if there is additional information you’d like to share with us.

PayPal Donate Button

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7 Responses to Join/Donate

  1. Great walk today in this beautiful new trail

  2. Hello,

    What is the difference between contributing and supporting member?

    We found the trail by happenstance yesterday and loved it!

    Thank you,

    • Feel free to contribute at any level you are able, and thank you for your support. “Contributing” is $50, “Supporting” is $100.

  3. Walked the trail yesterday with my dog. It’s really nice with amazing scenery. A job well done by all.

  4. What does it mean to become a “member or join”? And how long is the trail? Thanks!

    • Thanks, Lynn! The current section is 2.8 miles long, (although the mile markers do not start at 0). Anyone who donates is considered a member, and you can also help by signing up via our volunteer roster.

  5. Cindi Collicchio

    It is just beautiful, a dream come true. I can’t wait to see it durning all of the different seasons of the year. Thanks to all who made this possible !!!!!!! Many generations of people will enjoy for years to come. A job well done. Can we donate a bench in memory of a loved one? Please let me know.

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