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17 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Nick Weirich

    Can I still purchase a brick for the walkway on Mt. Alverno?

  2. Inquiring about purchasing a brick! Please let me know!

  3. Sorry, our deadline has passed. We will repost if we do another campaign.

  4. Joan Davis

    would like to purchase a brick…please open it up for more sales! Thanks!

  5. Ronald Piselli

    Would like to make a brief comment on the Chester Creek trail. It’s awesome i love it! BUT i will no longer use it because of recent incidents involving Bikes and Dogs WOW! was almost killed by bikers and eaten by vicious dogs. Sorry my well being is more important then the trail. It’s a shame bikes and dogs are allowed on the trail. I guess dogs are more important then people.

  6. Hi Ronald, sorry you’ve had this experience. Most dogs and cyclists are considerate, but you must have run into a few of the minority that weren’t.

  7. Enrico Maruffi

    We are planning on coming Thursday 11/1 for a hike. Picking a place in the middle of Baltimore and Brooklyn, NY. Are the trails, paved or dirt, with rocks. Looking for a trail moderate to easy. Elevation or fairly flat. Is there parking near the trails. Any tables or benches if we wanted to stop for a very light picnic.

  8. Hi Enrico, the Chester Creek Trail is a paved 2.8 mile trail with little elevation change, although there are some unpaved (and hilly) trails connecting to it. Parking is limited, but there are spots along Knowlton and Mt. Alverno Roads – here is a link to parking: There are quite a few benches, but no tables. Thanks for your interest!

  9. Enrico Maruffi

    Thank you

  10. Enrico Maruffi

    Sorry when you say 2.8 miles is that one way or a complete loop

  11. I was a frequent visitor to the Chester Creek Trail for runs. I’m not on Facebook, but wanted to bring to your attention, and that of others who use the trail that my car was broken into yesterday, Dec. 8, 2018, around 330 pm while I was on the trail. I had parked in the gravel parking lot on Mount Alverno Road. I was on the trail for an hour. when I returned to my car the passenger window had been shattered (probably with a hammer) , the car was completely torn apart until they found my wallet which was hidden beneath the back hutch floorboard. there was nothing left in sight in the car which would attract attention. I think the location made it a prime target as it is remote enough that it can only be seen from one direction on the road. I lost cash, credit cards, driver’s license and the handbag…..could have been worse if I arrived while the thief was still there. Anyway, would be good to put an alert out to all using the trail that cars may be targeted I this area.

    I will not return to the t rail unless security is improved.

    Gail Trofa

  12. Hi Gail,

    We are sorry you had this unpleasant experience. We posted an alert to our Facebook page, but I hope you filed a police report, so they are aware of the incident.

  13. I think this trail is a real asset to the community. My wife and I have enjoyed using it throughout the year and always enjoy the serenity and opportunity to get some exercise and fresh air.

    Yesterday, I did not have a good experience and wanted to post it here for your awareness. Also, hoping you can provide me some clarification, in case I am off-base.

    I have noticed children on small electric scooters or other such toys, but there was an adult male, about 5’6″ riding a powered long board skate board. He was whizzing up and down the trail and weaving in and out of people trying to walk with their kids, dogs, etc. – it was in my opinion a hazard.

    He was not just there for one pass up and down the trail as he passed me at least three times – the first two times I thought he was a kid and just let it go, but the third pass was close to me and startled me as he was close enough I felt wind on my neck as he went by. I stumbled and twisted my ankle a bit and was shocked someone could be so inconsiderate, so I called out, “no motorized vehicles are allowed on this trail”. He stopped and came back to confront me on topic.

    He told me it is not deemed a “motorized vehicle” as it does not have a license plate. To which I asked if that meant people on go karts and mini bikes should ride here too, as they don’t have license plates. He told me if was none of my business and that I wasn’t the police so he did not care. He challenged me to call the police if I had an issue. I then decided to dial 911 so we could avoid any issues as the situation was heating up.

    The dispatcher was sending a police unit to the Alverno Road exit to me us, but once he realized I reached out to them he took off the other direction. As he was leaving someone else yelled at him no motorized vehicles should be one the trail. Apparently, others were concerned as I was. What if he ran into an elderly person or fell on a child. He was going at least 15+ MPH.

    So – is this type of “vehicle” allowed? I think I did the right thing to call the police (who I called back to let them know not to bother, as he ran). I will still come to the trail, but I think it may be a good idea to post something more than specific, as I don’t think it is fair to have this type of incident occur.

    Email me if you would like to discuss. Left anonymous, as I want to avoid any lashing out at me for calling this out.

  14. Thank you for posting. We have also spoken with the other party, and it is clear that we need to clarify the policy on electric assisted vehicles. Stay tuned for more info.

    In the meantime, we hope that all users will exercise common sense in terms of keeping speeds low and not endangering others.

  15. LAST CHANCE FOR 2018:

    I am happy to tell you that Chester Creek Trail was chosen for the 2018 Best of Media Awards in the category of Park. The Best of Media Award was created to acknowledge the best businesses in our community.

    For additional information please visit us at:

    If needed for reference – your code is: DKNL-UBP3-PJ22


    Blake Thompson
    Best of Media Awards

  16. Can’t help but notice that there were a lot of trees downed/cut down between the trail and the creek. Will there be an effort to remove those trees? I fear they are a hazard to children and it makes the creek area look terribly unkempt. Here’s an idea-have the wood chipped and make a trail or recreational areas along the creek. Perhaps this should be shared with Friends of Chester Creek? Also, the removal of these trees has removed the natural wind break. Is there a plan to replant? If so, please consider bamboo. It makes for a fast-growing evergreen windbreak and grows in almost any soil type. Also, take a look at Wilmington Riverfront as an example for other possibilities to improve the appearance and enhance the natural beauty of the watershed areas. If these sound like desirable ideas worth pursuing, please let me know if I can become involved. Thank you.

  17. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for writing – you have reached the Friends of Chester Creek! I will follow up on the downed trees with the township – that may be associated with the upcoming bridge replacement, but it’s definitely an eyesore right now. Totally agree with you on the need for replanting and replacing many of the trees in the area, but bamboo is not generally recommended. It’s a fast-growing invasive that is very difficult to keep under control and almost impossible to eradicate – it has been known to happily grow through asphalt!

    We’d love to have you involved, will send you a private message.

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