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  1. I just moved here from Mass. where I was on the ManHan Rail Trail Committee for 7 years. I plan to be at your Aug. 10th meeting to learn more about your trail and the larger goal of connecting to a wider audience. We were planning with a Conn. group to connect the pieces of the trail to foster both an economic and recreational impact on towns along the trail from Conn to Mass.

    • Hi Carla, thanks for your comment, and we hope we might benefit from your experience! Looking forward to seeing you on August 10!

  2. Is there parking available at any places to use the trail. I live close to corner of 452 and Rt 1.

    • Hi Jim, thanks for commenting! There will be parking available off of Lenni Road on the north end when the trail is complete, as well as off of Knowlton Road on the southern end of the segment.

  3. Jonathan E Osborn

    Hi My Name Is Jon Osborn and I love Rails to Trails and I have logged over 5000 miles and over 100 trails over the years. My Son Lives in Aston and I see lots of construction going on but can not find any maps or information about this trail. I have done the Chester Valley Trail a number to times and would love to see a map of this trail.

    Jon Osborn
    osborn to ride

    • HI Jon, Thanks for writing! There is a map on our “About” page. There is also more information on our Facebook page (ChesterCreekTrail)

  4. James Shingler

    Recently made a donation on line (RAZOO) in honor of Juliette Peterson – received the confirmation for the donation but no indication of acknowledgement to Juliette Peterson. How can she be notified of this recognition ?

  5. Hi James, thank you so much for your generosity. Your donation was received earlier today, and you should receive a thank you confirming it soon. We normally send these out to the address provided on your donation information. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us by email or phone.

  6. Greetings,

    I was wondering if I may be put on your email list for updates on the progress and opening of the trail. I would appreciate this greatly.


  7. Greetings,

    I was wondering if I may be put on your email list for updates on the progress and opening of the trail. I would appreciate this greatly.


  8. Is there a set date for the opening?

    • We hope soon – we have a message into the project manager to try to get a date, although it will be weather dependent.

  9. Ok thanks
    Please keep us posted. Anxious to use.

  10. Do you think the trail will be open by Thanksgiving? Xmas? New Years?

    • Thanks, Dave – we are just waiting for an official end date – pending final work and inspections. A couple of weeks, maybe? Visit our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information.

  11. The trail looks great…I belong to Chester County Trail Club and I do a hike starting at Indian Orchards, through Linvilla down to the new trail. We have been hiking this area for more than 5 years and have seen the progress. I would like to add the trail to our work hikes once you need the help.
    We could help doing clean up.

    • Thanks, Dee! There is a link to a survey for volunteers on our Facebook page as well as on the “support” page of this website.

  12. Really love the trail. This is a wonderful addition to the community. Congratulations to all involved in accomplishing this project! One issue: the pedestrian crossing warnings painted on the trail near intersections to roadways are VERY slippery when wet. Runners and bikers are likely going to slip on these when they’re wet. I’m wondering whether these can be coated with a rougher finish to make them less slick. Again, thanks for a great public resource.

  13. I really enjoy walking on this trail and have gone numerous times. I usually walk with my dog, however I have noticed there is not a single trash can on the entire trail or parking lots! This trail is beautiful and a lot of work went into this project. I would just recommend trash cans so that people can throw dog waste and bottles/trash away. I hope to see some in the near future!

  14. I’m a councilman in upland Boro. I’m not up to speed on this trail but I’m trying to educate myself about it. Great work. I would love to get involved anyway possible. Also if u would like to walk in our Memorial Day parade to promote it even more.

  15. I love the trail and I go out with my kids a lot. They often get tired from walking long distances and the don’t have a place to sit. I think it would be great if some benches or picnic tables could be placed around the trail.

  16. Good Morning-
    My husband and I enjoyed a long walk on the trail on Sunday afternoon. The trail is beautiful. We assumed that it was okay to park on the field lot up the street from the parking lot (which was packed beyond capacity) on Knowlton Road since we observed so many people parking and walking down the hill to the trial entrance. Upon return to our vehicle we received a note left on our windshield that read “You are parked on private property! Please respect the boundaries and use the public parking provided. It is not fair to the neighbors of the trail for you to use our property. If parking is full you need to go to Ridley Creek State Park where there is ample parking.” I would like to make a two comments: 1) maybe you should offer to pay for a private property sign for this landowner so people are not embarrassed when they mistakenly park on private property and 2) I felt unwelcome since I am not a “neighbor” to the trail. This unfortunately was our first and last visit to the trail due to parking constraints.

  17. First, I LOVE this trail! Almost 3 miles of walking joy with no cars or other interference. My only complaint, is lack of parking in order to enjoy the trail. If somewhere in the future, this could be addressed, it would make the trail much more user friendly.

    • Thanks for writing – we are working on the parking situation – the popularity of the trail was somewhat unexpected, as was the unseasonably warm weather.

  18. Safety Hazard: at mile marker 4.1 approaching Lenni Road, there are two dead limbs suspended over trail each measuring about 8″ in diameter. One of these two will most likely fall during a significant wind storm. I have left a msg. with this website but I wanted to warn those using the trail of this hazard.

  19. Susan McCallister

    Love the trail but the need for trash cans is overwhelming there is already trash along the trail already and I would be more than happy to pick it up but there is nowhere to dispose of it unless I take it home. I have already picked up quite a bit of it and taken it home but you really need trash cans at least at the street crossings.
    The bike riders should also be aware that they should be letting the walkers know when they pass them before someone gets hurt. Almost got hit twice today by bikers.
    The trail is very well done and I will enjoy it for a long time along with a lot of other people.

  20. Hamid Zangeneh

    How do people get direction to the starting point of the trail?

  21. We would love to walk the new trail. We are always looking for great walks. Where are places to park and walk the trail?
    We live in Chester county part of Wayne and often walk the rail trail near us. Thank you
    We love to support our trails!
    Patricia and Bennett Hill

  22. Andrea Fitting

    Is there trail specific parking anywhere nearby?

  23. I too want to find where to park so that we can walk the trail.
    We live in Wayne, Chester County, and love to investigate new trails for walking.
    Please tell us where to park!!!

  24. what would be an address to put into a Garmin?

  25. Terry Baidokas

    Please advise me on how to donate to suppot the Chester Creek Rail to Trail. I live on Mt Alverno Rd. and enjoy the use of the trail daily. Depending on cost would like to donate bench or other items that would enhance the use of trail. Thank You

  26. Where along the trail can you legally and safely park so you can access the trail? I can never get a parking spot at the one near Linvilla and it is to dangerous to park and walk back to the trail.
    If anyone would advise I would appreciate.

  27. I am sorry, but I am not familiar with the area or the trail. I can find those roads but are there any identifying buildings or stores so I would know I was in the area? Such as a drug store, or cross road. I was all over today and gave up.
    I could see people walking but could not get to trail. I was on Convent Road but no place to park. As said I was actually in the lot near Linvilla and someone went right around me while I was waiting for a person to back out. Left, was not worth a fight. The trails are so nice and I have heard so many people have enjoyed. I just need to find out alternative parking locations.

    • You can find the trail on google, or try 426-446 Lenni Rd, Media, PA 19063. Parking at peak times is a challenge for many people. There are other trail options in the area, including at Ridley Creek State Park, which has plenty of parking. This was envisioned as a local community resource – no one know it would be so popular!

  28. Thank you for your assistance. It is such a nice trail and along the water that I really want to try it. I will try one of the locations you mentioned or try early in the morning.
    Thank you for bringing these trails to us. The popularity proves how much we all wanted and needed these outdoor adventures.

  29. Thanks for building another link in the trail. I was looking for info about how this part of the trail may connect to trails further up/down the Chester Creek. The twitter handle you have listed is correct, but the web-link to the Connect The Circuit sends me to someone’s diet blog.
    Keep up the good work. I hope to take a ride down that way soon.

    • Hi Rich, thanks for pointing out the bad link! Eventually the trail will connect into the Wawa area and Octorara trail to the north/west, and will run through Aston and Chester to the south/east. Now the link works, and you can see the trail listed on the Circuit Coalition map.

  30. The park hours are listed as closing at 6PM. Does that park closing time get extended during the summer when sunset isn’t until after 8PM? I work near by and wanted to be able to get a bike ride in after work, but I don’t get out until about 5:30PM.

    • Hi Stephen, thanks for writing! It’s a trail – there are no barriers to accessing it. Where do you see hours posted as closing at 6pm? Usual park hours are dawn to dusk.

  31. When I entered the following into google maps to get directions on the Lenni Road parking it popped up a warning saying the destination time was past the closing time (for me I would have arrived by 6:01PM).

    I went to google maps and typed in the following:
    Chester Creek Trail Parking, Lenni Road, Media, PA

    below is the copy pasted link:,-75.4512467,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c6ef470a9c1231:0x7ca49a888a265ecc!8m2!3d39.8941344!4d-75.449058

    In the following link it lists the hours as 8AM – 6PM.

    I’m not sure where it got the hours from.

  32. Wonderful trail. Walked it for first time today and enjoyed it.

    (1) Regarding parking, where on Mt Alverno Rd is it ok to park if the other lots are full … I noticed just a few spots right by the trail intersection on Mt Alverno, is it ok to park elsewhere on Mt Alverno?

    (2) I noticed the small sign for the Starch Mill Trail …. does that trail take you to the Linvil trail?

    • Thanks for writing!

      There is an overflow parking lot off of Mt. Alverno Road. Would npt recommend parking elsewhere on Mt. Alverno.

      The starch mill trail does connect to the Linvilla trail

  33. Can you please tell me how long the trail is from Knowlton parking to Lenni Road lot and back?

    A lovely walk!

    • Trail is 2.8 miles from one end to another, so it should be a bit over 5 miles or so roundtrip from Knowlton to Lenni

  34. Please add me to your email list.
    Thank you!

  35. I have been enjoying the wonderful trail , it’s great to see so many people taking advantage of it .

    I agree that parking is definitely an issue and hope it can be resolved soon .

    I was wondering why there is no crosswalk or flashing light at the Lenni Rd. entrance . There are many people accessing the trail here crossing Lenni Rd.
    from parking lot across the street .
    Concerned this is a safety issue on this road !
    I also was wondering why , in order to access the trail here on Lenni , you have to walk over rocks to get to it .
    It makes it difficult with strollers , wheelchairs , those with problems to access the trail here.
    It would be nice to have it paved like the rest of the trail .

    Thank you

  36. I have been enjoying the wonderful trail , it’s great to see so many people taking advantage of it .

    I agree that parking is definitely an issue and hope it can be resolved soon .

    I was wondering why there is no crosswalk or flashing light at the Lenni Rd. entrance . There are many people accessing the trail here crossing Lenni Rd.
    from parking lot across the street .
    Concerned this is a safety issue on this road !
    I also was wondering why , in order to access the trail here on Lenni , you have to walk over rocks to get to it .
    It makes it difficult with strollers , wheelchairs , those with problems to access the trail here.
    It would be nice to have it paved like the rest of the trail .

    Thank you

    • Hi Trish, glad you are enjoying the trail! Lenni is officially the end of the trail for now – the gravel will be replaced when that section of the trail gets completed. And technically the Lenni parking lot is not for the trail.

  37. Is the trail closed in the winter. And if it snows will it be cleared.

  38. Hi! Wondering if bathrooms will be added any time in the future?

  39. Joyce Carpenter

    My friend and I went to check out the walking trail yesterday and went to the entrance past Linville Orchards. There was no parking available and there are very few parking spots in that location. Is there a better place to enter where there is more parking?

  40. Connie DiDonato

    My husband and I walked the trail yesterday and always enjoy it very much. We do understand it is also a “bike trail”. However, can it be reiterated to bikers that they should ALWAYS warn walkers when they are approaching. You absolutely cannot hear bikers coming up behind you and one step to the right or left and you can get hit. I do not think it is too much to require bikers to yell “on your right” or “on your left” well ahead of being next to you. We had about six bikers pass us and moving at a pretty good clip, with only two giving warnings, and they were barely audible. Signs, posts on FB, here? Anything may help. Thank you for your time.

  41. Can I still purchase a brick for the walkway on Mt. Alverno?

  42. Inquiring about purchasing a brick! Please let me know!

  43. would like to purchase a brick…please open it up for more sales! Thanks!

  44. Ronald Piselli

    Would like to make a brief comment on the Chester Creek trail. It’s awesome i love it! BUT i will no longer use it because of recent incidents involving Bikes and Dogs WOW! was almost killed by bikers and eaten by vicious dogs. Sorry my well being is more important then the trail. It’s a shame bikes and dogs are allowed on the trail. I guess dogs are more important then people.

    • Hi Ronald, sorry you’ve had this experience. Most dogs and cyclists are considerate, but you must have run into a few of the minority that weren’t.

  45. We are planning on coming Thursday 11/1 for a hike. Picking a place in the middle of Baltimore and Brooklyn, NY. Are the trails, paved or dirt, with rocks. Looking for a trail moderate to easy. Elevation or fairly flat. Is there parking near the trails. Any tables or benches if we wanted to stop for a very light picnic.

    • Hi Enrico, the Chester Creek Trail is a paved 2.8 mile trail with little elevation change, although there are some unpaved (and hilly) trails connecting to it. Parking is limited, but there are spots along Knowlton and Mt. Alverno Roads – here is a link to parking: There are quite a few benches, but no tables. Thanks for your interest!

  46. Thank you

  47. Sorry when you say 2.8 miles is that one way or a complete loop

  48. I was a frequent visitor to the Chester Creek Trail for runs. I’m not on Facebook, but wanted to bring to your attention, and that of others who use the trail that my car was broken into yesterday, Dec. 8, 2018, around 330 pm while I was on the trail. I had parked in the gravel parking lot on Mount Alverno Road. I was on the trail for an hour. when I returned to my car the passenger window had been shattered (probably with a hammer) , the car was completely torn apart until they found my wallet which was hidden beneath the back hutch floorboard. there was nothing left in sight in the car which would attract attention. I think the location made it a prime target as it is remote enough that it can only be seen from one direction on the road. I lost cash, credit cards, driver’s license and the handbag…..could have been worse if I arrived while the thief was still there. Anyway, would be good to put an alert out to all using the trail that cars may be targeted I this area.

    I will not return to the t rail unless security is improved.

    Gail Trofa

    • Hi Gail,

      We are sorry you had this unpleasant experience. We posted an alert to our Facebook page, but I hope you filed a police report, so they are aware of the incident.

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