The Chester Creek Trail is a rail-trail in central Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Southeastern Pennsylvania.  The trail will follow Chester Creek along the Civil War-era Chester Creek Branch line of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

When complete, the trail will run from the former SEPTA Wawa R3 station to Upland, PA. The middle section of the trail, consisting of 2.8 miles through Middletown and Aston townships, was the first to be completed in late 2016.  An official ribbon cutting ceremony was held on April 8, 2017 for Phase I.  Engineering design work  for the next phase, which will bring the trail further into Aston township, began in early 2019.

Here is a link to an approximate google map of the completed section to date, including parking areas: https://tinyurl.com/y8y56zl4

Phase 1 Map

Please note: the unpaved area off of Lenni Road that was temporarily being used as parking will no longer be available, as it is SEPTA property, and now being used as part of the construction of the line extension to Wawa.

Phase I construction started in May 2015, and is now complete.  For the latest updates, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ChesterCreekTrail

A few video links of trail construction:

Pre-construction video by Abandoned Steve:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQWclCHg94I

Phase I Rail removal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqJYy9tm31E

The original feasibility study, from 2002fnl_rpt

The Chester Creek Trail is a proud member of the Circuit,  a 750-mile network of bicyclehttp://connectthecircuit.org/ and pedestrian trails connecting people to jobs, communities, and parks in the Greater Philadelphia Region.  For more information, visit: http://www.circuittrails.org/

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  1. I just joined this organization and I have a suggestion for getting more attention for this trail in your website. I work in GIS (automated maps) and I think the map could be upgraded with images and videos using ArcGIS On-Line that could be purchased at a reasonable price (if you don’t already know or have access to this software). I work as Chester County and we use this software to advertise and distribute information easily over the interenet.

  2. Thank you for making this happen and all your hard work. Today, i took my dog and we walked the trail starting at the knowlton parking lot location. Sad to see bags of dog waste just left in the parking lot and along the trail. We didnt go too far but i didnt see any trash receptacles or doggie bag dispensers. Is this something that is in the works, or being considered? Thanks

    • Thanks JoAnn. Right now it’s a “take out your own waste” policy. Not sure if the county has resources to regularly empty trash bins. We will take a look at this, though.

  3. This is great! I only live a couple of miles from here. The first time I took my dog Dylan on the trail I got goosebumps! During the late 50’s& 60’s, I was on this every weekend with my grandparents dogs as their property ended at the railroad. Brings back fond memories. I especially like the trestle bridges. don’t have to watch out for the train! Thank you. Great job

  4. The trail is great! So many people using it when I walked it last Thursday and today. Parking is a serious issue as I’m sure is known. What are the plans for additional parking?

  5. Add to your web page (so people can GPS their way there):

    Currently (1-2017) there are two parking lots where you can access the trail:
    1) 426-446 Lenni Rd, Media, PA 19063 (western end) and
    2) 249 Knowlton Rd, Media, PA 19063 (eastern end).

    Each lot holds approximately 15 cars and they fill up on weekends.

  6. beverly jean wilson

    We loved it! ,especially the overpass ,my son took pictures of the creek and some old architecture along the way. It was a beautiful day out and we just loved it ,looks amazing ,great job, only suggestions ,more parking and trash cans ,people did leave their dog waste bags ( and they shouldn’t !! ) , BUT OVERALL ,WE LOVED IT ,THANK YOU !!!!!

  7. I am still looking for the entrance, where is the parking. I did google Chester Creek trail parking but do not see parking. Thank you

    • HI Deb,

      Parking is pretty limited, especially at peak times. There are small lots near the beginning and ending of the trail. (Off of Knowlton Road and Lenni Roads)

  8. The trail is great. Thanks for bringing it to our community. We just walked it. Are there any plans for some benches along the trail for breaks?

  9. Benches are coming! We are waiting for the boy scouts to get their installations plans together.

  10. Elizabeth D'Orazio

    Very nice trail, I enjoyed my walk with my sister today! I really like that the trail is peaceful and void of traffic noise. Thank you very much for creating a peaceful walking area in a place that very much needed it!

  11. Glad to see benches are now along the trail and placed very evenly throughout! All you need now is a few porta potties. Hopefully they come sometime by next year. Great trail and workout.

  12. At this point, how many miles of trail are completed?

  13. Parking is very limited and with Lenni being closed by Septa that makes it more challenging. I would love to enjoy the trail but can’t find parking. Can you share any resolutions?

    • Delaware County is working actively to find additional parking options. We are aware it is a big problem.

  14. It looks like the web link for connectthecircuit.org is now a health and fitness blog. I believe the new link is circuittrails.org

  15. I really enjoy the trail and think it’s great for Delaware County. I understand the parking lot at Lenni Rd belongs to SEPTA but I think it’s horrible that they added the no parking sides. At least they could put hours when they are actually working vs having it all the time. It’s not a pedestrian friendly area to walk to the trail so that parking lot means a lot for the community to use this great resource.

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