Notice of Annual meeting

The Chester Creek Trail Annual Meeting will be held on Monday, August 6 at 7 pm in the Aston Community Center, 3270 Concord Road (meeting room next to the library). Non-members are welcome to attend, and can become a voting member by joining at the meeting.

Sarah Clarke Stewart, Executive Director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be our featured speaker, to discuss regional trail-building efforts and the Circuit Coalition.  The meeting will also include a yearly update, financial report, election of board members, and time for questions.  Trail merchandise will be for sale as well.

We hope to see you there!   Friends of the Chester Creek Branch

 In memory of our founder

Thank you for your support

Thank you to all who supported the Chester Creek Trail with the purchase of a commemorative brick.  The bricks have been installed near Mt. Alverno, and the next phases of the project will be installation of a plaque in honor of our founder, Mike Fusco, and landscaping around the brick walkway.
Photo of the trail in November 2017, courtesy of Bill Smith.

Please follow our Facebook page to get the latest updates:  https://www.facebook.com/ChesterCreekTrail

Video of the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony held on April 8, 2017:

T-Shirts and hats available for sale:

If interested, send an email to info@chestercreektrail.org with your name, phone number, and desired item/size, and we’ll contact you.

T-shirts – $15; Long-sleeved $25; hats $15        Cash or check only

Thanks to all who were able to attend the ribbon cutting on Saturday, April 8! You and Other supporters made this possible.


The Chester Creek Trail is proud member of the Circuit Coalition!  Learn more about our efforts to build a 750-mile trail network in the region at http://www.circuittrails.org/. #onthecircuit

After over twenty long years of feasibility studies, grant-writing, and securing of approvals, our community now has the first 2.8 mile phase of a beautiful paved trail that we can enjoy for cycling, running, and strolling.  Construction is now essentially complete of Phase I (2.8 miles).  Engineering design work is underway on Phase II of the project.

We need your help.  Please “like” us on Facebook, share the news about the trail’s progress, join us at upcoming volunteer events, and support your trail financially. While federal, state, and foundation money is often available for design and construction, Friends of Chester Creek will continue to assist with maintenance and other administrative costs. For example, in 2014, we incurred over $13,000 in engineering and legal bills during the final approval phases, and there are no grants available for these kinds of expenses.


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13 Responses to Welcome!

  1. I am so pleased the plans are moving along.
    Is there a fund-raiser event planned beyond the normal fund raising methods?

  2. The work on the trail that was to run behind Old Mill Pointe (starting at Mt. Alverno Rd.) has stopped. There has been no work done or progress made for months. Is this going to be completed?

    • Hi Bernice, thanks for your patience. There is work going on north of the Mt. Alverno intersection, and yes, it will be completed!

  3. where can you park to use the trail

  4. When is the trail expected to open?

  5. My husband and I rode our bikes from Lenni road to the end beyond knowlton road, and back again today.
    Awesome! The views are great and the trail is very nice. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. I’m thrilled to have it to use!

  6. Just joined and donated after having a chance to walk this past New Year’s Day. We’re so glad this finally became a reality. Great Job !!!

  7. My husband and I walked the entire trail up and back, it was really nice.
    I think adding some benches throughout would be a good idea,
    maybe a port a potty.

  8. Herbie Reinhardt

    I work in aston I am a del. Driver for one of the pizza shops I drive by many parts of the trail every day I love to ride my mountain bike on trails all around the Philly area. I can not wait to ride my bike on this new trail and see what it’s like from what I have read it seems to be a great trail for walking hiking or bike riding. And I will find out this spring I can not wait

  9. The flashing light above the stop sign facing towards the trail west of Lungren Rd appears to be inoperative. Be careful out there!

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